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Our Staff

About Our Staff

Our team is who we are.

The current manager of Edge Hill has over 20 years experience in the care industry. She has experience working with various groups such as adults with complex health care needs, sick children living in the community and adults in a residential setting.


At Edge Hill Care Home we reinvest in our staff.

Edge Hill staff are currently trained in the following areas:

  • 3 years basic life support certificate
  • 3 years moving and handling training certificate
  • Safe Guarding of vulnerable adults
  • Level 3 medication
  • Young learning disability
All staff are working towards the following DIP:

  • NVQ 2
  • NVQ 3
  • Understanding infection control
  • Healthy eating and food
  • Understanding dementia care
  • Safe handling medication

A homely environment with a rich history

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